June Wrap-Up

It has truly been a while since I’ve done a monthly wrap-up (I’ve only ever done it once before), but I’ve returned since I now have enough books read to make one of these posts. I hope you enjoy!

Once and Future by Amy Rose Capetta & Cori McCarthy – ☆☆☆

Once and Future was a really cool book that was truly outstanding in its diversity and how funny it could be. The writing style did surprise me, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. Also, the fact that this book was King Arthur, but in space and King Arthur is a girl is awesome. I’m excited to read the next novel and hope it is just as good.

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black – ☆☆☆☆

The Cruel Prince was an outstanding novel that held an amazing world. I can’t even imagine how much time the world building would’ve taken for this novel. I also loved seeing Jude work her way to gaining power in this novel. She had to endure a lot to get a position of power and reading about her first journey to there was awesome. I will definitely be uploading more posts on other books from the Folk of Air series.

Fable by Adrienne Young – ☆☆☆☆1/2

Fable was an exciting novel that had me captivated from the moment I opened the book. I loved all of the characters and the writing was perfect. When reading this, I felt like I really was in the book standing on the Marigold with Fable or swimming in the ocean surrounded by butterfly fish. Now that my expectations are so high I’m honestly a little scared to read the next book in this duology. I hope it’s good 😅

Overall, I would recommend all of these books because they were all really fun to read and provide great worlds to dive into. All of these books had writing styles that suited the book and brought many surprises.

This concludes my June Wrap-Up! I hope you had an amazing month and will have yet another amazing month in July. Thank you for reading!

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