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The Holiday Switch

Hello and belated happy holidays! I originally intended to post a review on this book before Christmas because it is a Christmas book, but evidently that is not what happened. But, if you are still interested in reading Christmas books after the actual holiday here is one for you! (Or you could always save it on your shelf for next year).

The Holiday Switch by Tif Marcelo

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Lila Castro is ready to take on her last winter break of high school. The snow is plentiful, the mood is full of holiday cheer, and she’s earning extra cash working at the cozy local inn. But her perfect holiday plans crash to a halt when her boss’s frustratingly cute nephew, Teddy Veracruz, becomes her coworker. When they accidentally switch phones one afternoon, they both realize they’ve been hiding things from each other. Will their secrets–and a dash of holiday spirit–bring them closer to love?


The Holiday Switch was a perfect holiday romance to read by the fireside while sipping hot cocoa. This was a cute and easy read, and what made it even better was that this book was about a book blogger! This book was so fun to read and it had the perfect amount of family drama and romance. While reading this I was immersed in the book and sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting to see how Lila would deal with all of these secrets. This is honestly the book version of a really diverse and more open minded Hallmark movie. There was only a couple slight problems I had with this book and they were often easy to overlook. The writing isn’t the best in this book, although I didn’t decide to read this book for its fantastic writing, but for its cute story. I often found myself cringing at the use of the word “yep” or “newb” too much or even the two times the author compared faces to emojis. Another thing was that in this book the world was definitely portrayed in a more ideal way. Everything seemed to magically work out, but since this is a Christmas book it kinda worked with the story. One other thing I would like to mention about this story is that it actually featured Filipino rep in its full fantastic force. I think this is the only book I’ve read so far that actually featured Filipino characters, and as someone who is half, that is upsetting.


Once in a blue moon, there are no characters I dislike in this book! Everyone was likable and there was no “jerk” character or exceedingly annoying character. One person that I wish you get to see more of in this book is KC. He seemed really cool and I think if he was in the story more, he would be my favorite character. But, since he was not really in the story as much as I would like, my favorite character would have to be Teddy and that’s not because he was supposed to be the handsome love-interest. Teddy was a lot more likable than Lila, because he dealt with more relatable family problems and he seemed a lot more rational than Lila. He treated people with more respect and he honestly just seems like someone who would be really cool to be friends with.


The Holiday Switch was an adorable holiday romance that I really enjoyed. Although it did not have the best writing, it featured a cute story and a bookworm protagonist so how could I not like this book? I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an easy holiday romance read.

Cover Art:

This amazing cover art was made by Jacqueline Li!

Let’s Talk:
  • Did you read any holiday books throughout December?
  • Do you know any good books that feature Filipino characters?
  • Have you read The Holiday Switch?
    • If so, did you enjoy it?

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